Rams 2018

2018 LA Rams

In a March 21, 2016, interview with the Los Angeles Times, team COO Kevin Demoff said that there would be no uniform change for the team until 2019 (the year that the new stadium was originally planned to open). However, the stadium completion was pushed back one year into 2020 in May 2017, leaving it undecided whether they will rebrand in 2019 or 2020 when the stadium is slated to open.

On August 11, 2016, the team announced on Twitter that it would wear its all-white uniforms for five of the team's eight home games during the 2016 season as a nod to the Fearsome Foursome era; the Rams would wear their alternative royal blue throwback jersey for the other two games at the coliseum and wear their midnight blue jersey at their international home game at Twickenham Stadium

Throughout the 2016 season, the Rams' signage around the stadium, endzones, and other uses of the logo showed a variation that was only colored in blue and white, leading some fans to believe the team's upcoming rebrand would involve gold being completely dropped from the color scheme. For the 2017 season, the Rams announced they would be wearing helmets similar to the Fearsome Foursome era: Millennium blue helmets with white helmet horns and, voted on by fans, a white facemask. Fans also voted for a new pants design, which was a single blue stripe down the side of white pants, as well as an inverse design for road games. The team also began using the blue and white logo as their primary logo, confirming that they would be phasing out gold from their colors (although gold remains on the jerseys due to an NFL rule that teams must wait a certain amount of time before changing jersey designs).